Holy Sh*t, My Life is Like Carl Jung’s

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I just started reading Carl Jung for the first time ever; which is crazy, considering how many people over the years have recommended his work to me because of my wild dreams.

I have always heard Carl Jung referenced as one of the “Father’s of Psychology.” But how come no one ever told me he saw paranormal ghosts and had incredibly intricate and unexplainable spiritual encounters? I would have perked up A LOT sooner.

Here’s a tid bit to get you interested…

Jung’s grandfather was “believed to be continually surrounded by ghosts and would devote one day every week to conversing with the spirit of his deceased wife” (Main, 2). Jung’s non-paternal grandmother was clairvoyant. And the couple’s daughter, Jung’s mother, had enough ‘strange occurrences’ happen to her that she kept a regular diary of them.

(This information can be found in Roderick Main’s Introduction to the book Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal).

If you have read my blog, you would know that I am an intense dreamer and am enamored with anything dream-life related. I’m learning to talk about them more and my clairvoyant deja vu’s and downloads that come from dreams; the more I talk about them, the more often they happen!

It’s not common for me to talk about my dreams in a casual setting. But since I wrote the blog post “The Burden of a Dreamer” last week, I have had many eye-opening conversations that brought new perspectives to my attention. Why do I feel this pressure to share my dreams with the world?

As one of my friend’s told me: “You have a gift, don’t turn it into a flaw because you don’t give yourself a break.”


I have been so consumed in expecting myself to write down every dream down from the night before, that I don’t get to enjoy them anymore. I am so scared of losing the message–and not sharing it with the community–that I have been, unknowingly, shaming myself for not being on top of everything, at all times.

What stood out to me about Jung–and why I say my life is like his–is the breath taking realization that he also needed to share his reality with the world, that it wasn’t just something he wanted to do, he felt called to do it!

As Main puts it in his introduction in Jung on Synchronicity and the Paranormal:

“The tension between Jung’s №2 acceptance of the fundamental reality of his paranormal experiences and his №1 need to articulate this reality in an intellectually and socially respectable form continued throughout his life,” (Main, 2).

Jung had this tension to articulate his reality and have the public understand it. He knew his reality included paranormal experiences, and because his family members also exhibited paranormal site-seeing, he didn’t judge himself for being that way. People who didn’t understand it, saw it as an illness. He believed it to be his fundamental reality though.

Similar to Jung, I need to share my dreams and intuitions with the public because I know it is my fundamental reality.

And like Carl Jung, I also know this content can be incredibly useful to a larger audience and reconfigure people’s perceptions and quality of life. Plus, the more people who listen to their inner awareness, the less this subject is taboo, and the less “elusive” people will think of me as.

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

I’m a visionary–I can already see where this book is taking me–to the labyrinth of inner-work and abstract stories merging with psychology.

I’m only on page eight of this introduction, but I can assure you there is more where this came from!

Have you experienced anything paranormal or related to parapsychology or transpersonal psychology?

Drop your thoughts in the comments below, and I can’t wait to hear your perspectives!




A Creative Writer and Dream Writer ❤ Interested in Transpersonal Psychology, Nature Therapy, and Artistic Expression

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Grace Horvath

Grace Horvath

A Creative Writer and Dream Writer ❤ Interested in Transpersonal Psychology, Nature Therapy, and Artistic Expression

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